The proper realization of the construction of a good logo can be recognized in the following points:

Keep it simple
The more you complicate your logo, the less your customer will understand it, let alone pay attention to it. In other words, you want to have a logo that is a single simple word or symbol that relates to the customer what you want them to remember about your company.

Check your colors
Color is important to highlight certain details in your logo, but it is important to realize that your logo must be able to be readable and visible in black and white as well. Just think about if your company letterhead gets photocopied or reproduced on several different promotional materials. You will want to have as few colors as possible in order to keep your logo recognizable.

No tagline
For your official logo, do not include the tagline. This goes back to the issue of reproducing the logo: when there is fine print within the official logo, it may completely be lost, depending on how much or how little it is reproduced. Include the tagline when you can, but not with the official logo.

Lose your company name
In addition to omitting the tagline, leave out the company name for your official logo. If you need to include letters in your logo, use four letters at the most. The resulting logo will be clear, simple, and easily recognizable by your customer. This will leave them with a better understanding of your product or service.

Creating a company logo that is simple, yet easily understandable to your customer, is vital to a successful business. Keeping the above points in mind will help you in implementing your logo ideas in a way that is meaningful to the future of your company and your customers.